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E-commerce and it’s Stake in Revolutionizing the Future

E-commerce And Its Stake in Revolutionizing the Future

Whether you’re hunting the internet for a second-hand camera, or feel like sipping on a caramelized latte after a mentally draining meeting, the technological drift that’s staggered the twenty first century has fortunately made whatever you want a possibility, with simply a swipe and a click. Spending on the internet, just like brushing our teeth or waking up with designer eye bags for work has almost turned into a mandatory activity in our day to day lives, and this is especially since there’s a massive wave of online retailers washing the world-wide web every single day.

E-Commerce did not just revitalize convenience to a whole new level, but has become a tool that empowers the struggling small businesses and fosters opportunities for greater innovation by the younger minds.

With its sudden flux in dominating the retail industry, the highly competitive nature of E-Commerce is not something you can simply scoff at. Brands big and small can call for competition, bypassing the restrictions of physical borders, and mobile phones have made it all the more appealing, increasing the potentials for this market. If you ever wondered what the future for E-Commerce is going to be, I can promise you one thing and it’s bright, so bright and shiny you might need a pair of shades to be prepared for it!

Why Businesses Need To Become More Tech-Savvy Today

Whilst electronic shopping has its downsides just like any other phenomenon in life, and you could potentially be a victim of a few traumatizing events like impulse buying, credit card frauds, fake websites and receiving less than what you paid for, if you actually took a moment to think, the benefits unarguably outweigh the risks that cling along. If you’re not in in the mood to let your brain cells take a moment to ponder, well read on for a few a mind-boggling facts on how E-Commerce is revolutionizing many industries, and is soon becoming a significantly vital tool for businesses around the globe.

  • Enables businesses to hit harder with less expenses. How incredible is that you gain more than you spend?!
  • Collect data of target customers, learn trends and patterns to understand their needs better, all at the same time!
  • Enhance the brand image! I mean nothing stays on your mind like an interesting blog or a flashy ad that pops on the website right?
  • Massive cut down on costs due to savings on rental space and everything that involves in electricity!
  • Go global, and expand the customer base! Let’s the business reach customers on every nook and cranny of the world!
  • Go open 24/7 365 days!

The list goes on and let’s not get to the future of E-Commerce, with all the recent pandemic issues and social distancing measures, consumer spending habits have been significantly disrupted, but this has led E-Commerce towards a highly positive direction. The buying habits that people have got used to is unlikely to suddenly change since, this is now what they call the ‘new normal’! And that’s exactly why businesses that are sprouting, or businesses that have already matured but haven’t exploited the marketing opportunities online, are calling for strategic drifts and closures. In fact many retailers with a strong E-Commerce platform in place have seen their in-store sales replaced by digital purchases. If we get down to figures, most countries are projected to see more than 20% of growth in online retail this year alone!

E-Commerce Since January 2020 – April 2020 (COVID19)

Well I guess that ain’t a surprise considering how much 2020 really had in store for us! The opportunities offered by e-commerce to businesses big and small are unfathomable, from marketing, to increased sales to brand awareness and convenience, and in the emerging global economy, e-commerce has nonetheless become a vital tool for business strategy, seamlessly aligning a convenient and connected experience with their customers.

E-Commerce share of total global retail sales from 2015 to 2023
As per an authenticate survey retail E-Commerce sales ratio from 2014 to 2020 will be hike around 200% according to the above graph

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